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Hongbin - Eunkwang - AJ

'93 - Netherlands - Eurasian

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Lee Hongbin
Cute Hongbin sharing his drink with Ravi
Hongbin, the animal prince.
Hello Stranger!

"I’m surrounded by idiots."

"Awww they look so cute"

"Youngjae looks so happy."



don’t talk to me about awkward moments because my parents just walked in on me doing this 

There is something about leadguitarists that makes me want to watch them. The way they play their instrument, like it’s the only thing that they ever held dear. It’s not just an instrument but more like an extension of their own limbs. Like they were born with it in their hands and were meant to let their soul shine through the music that they play.

They don’t play the guitar,

They make love to it 

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I know it might seem irrelevant to you guys now, but I really need to know how many of you live in Europe and how much you guys are willing to spend for your favorite k-groups. Please drop your answer as complete as possible (name group, what countries you’re willing to travel to and how much you’re willing to pay) in my ask so I can collect the information accurately.

I love you guys! ♡

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